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Comb-overs, Chest Hair And Male Chauvinism: The World Of ‘Winning Time’

It’s 1979, nearing the turn of the decade. The ‘80s promise the Los Angeles Lakers a run for the National Basketball Association (NBA) championship and the growing rivalry of Magic Johnson between Larry Bird. Big collars, moustaches, comb-overs and chest hair permeate the screen. But so too does sexism. Winning Time is yet another hyper-masculine sports dramedy. 

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How Your Favourite TV Characters Would Act in Lockdown

I’m 100% sure that Homer Simpson wouldn’t even be aware of the pandemic happening. If he did (by some miracle) find out and understood what it meant, he would most likely try and eat a bat to reverse the virus, in a Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror turn of events. Us mere mortals just can’t argue with Homer’s logic.

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My Lockdown Viewing Diary – What I’ve Watched During These Incredibly Long Months

What good would all my recent binge-watching be if I couldn’t share it with all of you? I’ve cobbled together my viewing diary, an eclectic mix of programs that pinpoint the many vicissitudes of housebound life. Hopefully it inspires you with ways to get through another five weeks of lockdown!

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Need a laugh? 7 Sitcom Episodes That Will Cure Your Iso Blues

Keely Tzoukos

It’s easy to feel lonely in times like these. But have no fear!

Whether you’re missing family and friends, juggling anxiety over uni grades and an impending global recession (it’s weird how the mind of a student can easily equate these two things), or just having a bad day, I’ve got you covered.

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11 Greatest Television Theme Songs of All Time

Keely Tzoukos

It’s time for me to dust off my novelty Central Perk coffee mug, serenade my neighbour’s stinky feline, and dance wildly in the fountain behind the Royal Exhibition Building, because the cast of Friends is reuniting.

In honour of the forthcoming reunion special, I’ve compiled a list of the best television theme songs of all time. Because we all know Friends would be nothing without those four – NOT five – iconic claps…