Week at a glance:

12-1pmThe Campus Collective
1-2pmIn the ZonePB & Jams
2-3pmThe Yarn
Student Showcase
(starts Week 7)

What’s All This?
ok zoomer
4-5pmJoanne’s Jukebox
(weeks 4/8/10/12)
Radio Sci-Lens
5-6pmWhat’s Spinning?Bangers ‘n’ Mash
60-Minute Globetrotter (fortnightly; even weeks)
6-7pmSerious News Hour
Music with the Bels
Mariah Mondays

The Pet Sweat Variety Hour (even weeks) / Rumours (odd weeks)

Mind Redux
Talking to the Moon
(odd weeks)
sad boi hours



How connected are you to your campus community? Among us there’s awesome stories to be shared about life as a pre/early 20 something – lessons about relationships, career, managing uni and everyday life. Tune in every Monday from 5pm to hear what our guests – from artists, social advocates, business leaders and even your classmates – have to say about navigating the mess that is life between adolescence and adulthood.

THE YARN (2pm)
A weekly news and current affairs podcast showcasing the best journalism that University of Melbourne students have to offer. Join host Fia Walsh as she sits down for a yarn with reporters to learn more about their stories – covering topics from Covid to China, sex-work to superheroes, every Monday 2pm on Radio Fodder.

Pop girl music to do your makeup in someone else’s car to. Playing classic pop, indie pop, hyperpop, bedroom pop, and everything in between, weekly on Radio Fodder.

A moody mix of r&b/soul and pop (and sometimes rock) that I’ve been spinning on my record player.

Yeah, you read that right. Nothing but the Songbird Supreme, every Monday 7-8pm on Radio Fodder.


STUDENT SHOWCASE (2pm; starting week 7)
Maybe that dude in your tute really has a band, tune in our student music rotation and find out.

Bringing you only the finest for your drive home, this mix combines some old gold with uncut gems. Tune in 5pm every Tuesday for a serving of Bangers ‘n’ Mash. // Instagram

Showcasing the best of local and international DJ acts for you to continue to boogie in these strange times.

RUMOURS (7pm; even weeks)
The year is 1977 and a surprisingly convincing Stevie Nicks impersonator act accidentally kills the real Stevie Nicks in a car crash. After making the decision to swap the bodies, she lives as the front woman for Fleetwood Mac at the height of their fame … but at what cost?

TALKING TO THE MOON (8pm; even weeks)
This show is the peace after a busy day, where you can discuss and reflect on your life, as well as release your emotions. Join host Mary Chen as she teaches you to recognize, face, and deal with complex emotions like jealousy, anger, surprise. It’s a place where you can find empathy, get advice, and share additional knowledge. We’ll even invite some guests to share expertise and personal stories with us, including professors of psychology, and some guests who have had interesting emotional experiences themselves—every Tuesday at 8pm on Radio Fodder. // Instagram


Soak into your musical zone with these hip-hop hits every Wednesday 1pm, only on Radio Fodder.

Despite our differences, we are connected by what makes us human—our emotions, dreams, and community. As students, we are told to go ‘find our voice’ and ‘find our place in society’. These phrases are thrown around so often, but what do they mean in our fast-paced, media-driven world?

What if we stopped trying so hard to find our voice? We could appreciate who we are in this moment, use the voice we have right now, and create rather than find who we are.

In this show, I share wacky thoughts and brilliant ideas in books I’ve enjoyed reading. I include key ideas from videos that have helped me better understand our world. So, what’s all this? Let’s go see… // Instagram

SEAS (4pm; even weeks)
South-East Asia is undoubtedly full of culture, bustling life and the best kind of people you’ll ever meet — but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with their own fair share of problems too. Join Ai Jia, Joan & Amanda as they navigate through tough and taboo topics by giving their perspectives with a South-East Asian twist. Ever wondered about what goes on in the world of South-East Asian politics and pop-culture? Well, this podcast is just for you! // Instagram

60-MINUTE GLOBETROTTER (5pm; even weeks)
Wanna learn a new language to prepare yourself for post-COVID travelling? Or do you simply miss the feeling of travelling? We got you! Tune in to 60-Minute Globetrotter every week where you will take a crash course on a different language each week, and listen to some stories and tips & tricks on how to learn a new language effectively. // Instagram

Mitski, Phoebe Bridgers, Gang Of Youths, you know how it be x


an unashamedly gen z radio show
brought to you by jordan and jo
thursdays 3pm on @radio_fodder
check us out on ig: @okzoomer.radio

Comedians Sweeney Preston and Dan Crowley deliver a very serious hour of news – the type of thing you’d hear on the ABC or something. // Instagram

Your one stop music discovery show. Tune in every Thursday at 7pm as we make our way through the ebbs and flows of music drawn together by a different topic each week. // Instagram


PB & JAMS (1pm)
A tasty mix of local music for your lunch box, every Friday 1-2pm on Radio Fodder. // Instagram

Tune in to Radio Sci-Lens for your weekly science fix! Eilish, Kate, and Kaih open up the wacky world of science for everyone to enjoy. We discuss the latest and most exciting scientific news stories and explore broader topics to bring strange and surprising science into focus. If you want to quench your curiosity then Radio Sci-Lens is the show for you! // Twitter

We’re two lovers of all things music, and our show is all about listening to and chatting about music, and probably dancing a little along the way. We have a particular interest in the Australian based music scene and love finding emerging local artists, and we hope our listeners will enjoy listening to some familiar favourites, and maybe even find some great new acts from right here in Melbourne. Each week we will feature a different local artist who we love, playing a collection of their work throughout the show. Alongside each week’s feature artist we will also play other music we are loving, look back on some funny stories or great live gigs, and hopefully interview some interesting guests as well. // Instagram

Welcome to the mind of someone who just can’t decide. Every Friday at 7pm on Radio Fodder.