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44 Ardent on ‘pieces’ and upcoming releases: “A lot of creative choices happen without me really planning them”

Nostalgia, happiness, melancholy. Australian music producer 44 Ardent weaves these together in ‘pieces’, making for a musically and emotionally complex single resisting easy characterisation. Radio Fodder speaks to the musician on his artistry, creative processes and what’s in store for the coming year.

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Interview: Julius Black on Experimental Alt-Pop Sophomore EP, ‘Together We Go Down In The Dark’

Soft, dark and haunting. Kiwi artist Julius Black is back on the alt-pop scene with his latest EP, ‘Together We Go Down In The Dark’, an episodic visage of one’s descent into a toxic love-induced madness. Julius Black tells Nishtha of his creative process, themes and thoughts on the new release.

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Interview: Dekleyn’s latest single ‘Save My Name’ and the future of their sound

Formed in 2017, Aussie duo Dekleyn are no strangers to the music industry. Having amassed over 5 million streams on Spotify over the last 3 years, the two have made a name for themselves in the realm of memorable, irresistibly catchy and skilful songs. Inspired by the beat from their 2021 single ‘Over Again’, ‘Save My Name’ is a heartfelt song that delivers a sincere yet uplifting emotional narrative through the duo’s reliable roots in electronic pop.

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Interview: Will Hyde on the powerful, visual world of his sophomore EP ‘nothing ever changes’

Every so often, an artist comes around with an almost supernatural ability to capture the mutability of adolescence in their work. will hyde does exactly this, weaving a powerful, emotional story of youth throughout his sophomore EP ‘nothing ever changes’.

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Bedroom pop, lockdown creativity, and Chey Jordan

Such is the power of the bedroom music, having helped preserve a lively, albeit socially distanced, music scene over the past year and a half. With a multiplicity of streaming platforms for artists to upload to and focus on lo-fi DIY, the genre’s prominence has never been greater. It has democratised music, removing the industry’s gatekeepers and granting artists like Chey the chance to share their work with the world.

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Nick Batterham on Lovebirds

The album’s strength lies in its instrumental prowess and rich orchestration. Batterham and his talented collaborators combine piano, strings, guitar, percussions, woodwind and brass with sincere and haunting lyrics, resulting in a striking interplay of shadow and light.

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Interview—Calico Sunday: Fresh Band, Fresh Single, Refreshing Sound

Lauren Berry

Young Melbourne rock n’ roll band Calico Sunday’s new single ‘She’s My Gun’ is out now. The song represents the band’s essence; it has a classic sound, rich, golden female vocals, sizzling lead guitar breaks and hard, honest drum beats. The up and coming band’s music is familiar, yet twinged with new flavours…convention pushing its way into innovation.

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Review—Vera Blue, The Way That You Love Me Tour 2019 Geelong

Monique O’Rafferty

Vera emerged in a haze of shimmering yellow to a teaser of ‘The Way That You Love Me’. She wore a sheer, yellow ensemble over a yellow bodysuit with chunky sneakers. I could never! With a cheeky grin towards the audience, she opened the show with ‘Private’, giving the crowd a first taste of her signature dance moves and vocal range.