About Radio Fodder

Radio Fodder is the University of Melbourne’s student radio and is part of the UMSU Media Department. Fodder has been playing on the airwaves throughout the semester since 2005, and broadcasts live from our studio on the fourth floor of the Union House. We allow students the opportunity to create podcasts, listening shows or musical entertainment.  A number of successful shows have been brought to life through Fodder over the years, including Diva DiveMudCrabs, and many many more. You can listen to Fodder live on this website.

Fodder also has a blog where students can write arts and culture reviews, listicles, and anything and all things groovy.

Send your enquiries about Fodder to editors@farragomagazine.com.

About Farrago Magazine

Farrago is the student publication of the University of Melbourne. First published on 3 April 1925, it is Australia’s oldest student publication. Farrago began its life first as a weekly newspaper before transitioning into a magazine publication. Farrago now prints six editions per year as well as its annual creative writing and art anthology Above Water, and the UMSU Election Guide.

Farrago’s name, a Latin term meaning ‘mixed cattle fodder’, is drawn from the motto Quidquid agunt homines nostri farrago libelli est—“Whatever men do forms the motley subject of our page”. Today, the same rings true for Farrago: whatever students do forms the motley subject of our pages.

We publish all sorts of student work: news, poetry, prose, essays, opinion pieces, art, photography. While submissions for the editions occur throughout the year, we are always open for submissions and pitches for the online website. Please send your pitches, enquiries, and everything in between to editors@farragomagazine.com.

Radio Fodder Managers

Radio Fodder Station Manager—Emma Xerri

Radio Fodder Executive Producer—Jordan Di Natale

Radio Fodder Blog Managers—Carmen Jada Chin & Christina Savopoulos

Editorial Team

Phone Number— +03 8344 6957

Nishtha Banavalikar—Non-Fiction & Reviews Editor

Charlotte Waters—Creative Editor

Joanna Guelas—News Editor

Jasmine Pierce—Design Editor

Media Department Managers

Video and Photography Team Managers—Akash Anil Nair & Ben Levy

Satire Team Manager—Bayley Horne

Social Media Coordinators—Thi Quynh Trang Dau & Samantha Shing


Farrago/Radio Fodder
Fourth Floor
Union House
University of Melbourne
Parkville VIC 3010

Published By:

Union House, Tin Alley
University of Melbourne
Parkville, VIC 3010