Semester Two Schedule!

August 6, 2021

12pm-1pmStudent Showcasecrushcrushcrush

1pm-2pmThe Witch’s Hour

PB & Jams

2pm-3pmWhat’s All This?

The Yarn

3pm-4pmMx Congeniality

Album Analysis Drama Stew

4pm-5pmJoanne’s JukeboxSEAS
(Weeks 4/6/8/10)

Spinning Ignorance

Radio Sci-Lens

5pm-6pmJazz Room

Music With The Bels

Babe, I Made You A Mixtape
6pm-7pmsad boi hoursTroubles and Nibbles

A Melody of Life
7pm-8pmMariah Mondays

(Rumours in Weeks 3 & 10)
sad boi hoursR U Really OK?


Student Showcase (12pm): Maybe that dude in your tute really has a band, tune in our student music rotation and find out.

The Witch’s Hour (1pm): Hello My Audacious Audience! Join Dr “Creeps” Marquez as he brings forth both spooks and screams to your ears, from horror classics to spine-tingling interviews, you will always enjoy The Witch’s Hour at 1 pm Mondays every week!

Joannes Jukebox (4pm): Pop girl music to do your makeup in someone else’s car to. Playing classic pop, indie pop, hyperpop, bedroom pop, and everything in between, weekly on Radio Fodder

Mariah Mondays (7pm): Yeah, you read that right. Nothing but the Songbird Supreme, every Monday 7-8pm on Radio Fodder.


Mx Congeniality (3:30pm): Mx Congeniality is a love letter to our younger selves who pretended not to know what Wattpad was and watched Fast and Furious on a first date. We deep dive into topics that have been thrown in the chick-lit bin. We dust them off, polish them up and go on ADHD tangents while we’re at it.

Purgator-GLEE (7pm): Every week, three friends – with varying understanding of the lore of Glee – get together to watch and talk about the same inconsequential episode of the hit show Glee, every week, ten times.

Rumours (7pm, Weeks 3 & 10): The year is 1977 and a surprisingly convincing Stevie Nicks impersonator act accidentally kills the real Stevie Nicks in a car crash. After making the decision to swap the bodies, she lives as the front woman for Fleetwood Mac at the height of their fame … but at what cost?


What’s All This? (2pm): Despite our differences, we are connected by what makes us human—our emotions, dreams, and community. As students, we are told to go ‘find our voice’ and ‘find our place in society’. These phrases are thrown around so often, but what do they mean in our fast-paced, media-driven world? What if we stopped trying so hard to find our voice? We could appreciate who we are in this moment, use the voice we have right now, and create rather than find who we are. In this show, I share wacky thoughts and brilliant ideas in books I’ve enjoyed reading. I include key ideas from videos that have helped me better understand our world. So, what’s all this? Let’s go see…

Album Analysis (3pm):

SEAS (4pm, Weeks 4/6/8/10): South-East Asia is undoubtedly full of culture, bustling life and the best kind of people you’ll ever meet — but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with their own fair share of problems too. Join Ai Jia, Joan & Amanda as they navigate through tough and taboo topics by giving their perspectives with a South-East Asian twist. Ever wondered about what goes on in the world of South-East Asian politics and pop-culture? Well, this podcast is just for you!

Jazz Room (5pm): Jazz is mindset, and a way of making art. The realm around it is just as creative; from blues, soul, R&B, swing to latin. Jazz thrives on improvising and confidence, and never doing the same thing twice. I will be showing you some legendary musicians from the genre, and local artists + Australian musicians who are keeping it alive with fresh new ideas. Every Wednesday at 5pm on Radio Fodder.

sad boi hours (6pm): Mitski, Phoebe Bridgers, Gang Of Youths, you know how it be x


Spinning Ignorance (4pm): In Spinning Ignorance, Josh and Alexi faff about for half an hour each week while interviewing the greatest minds in Melbourne and other less great minds over the phone. Every week they tackle the big issues, such as poetry, gardening, grief and McNuggies, Thursdays 4pm on Radio Fodder

Music with the Bels (5pm): We’re two lovers of all things music, and our show is all about listening to and chatting about music, and probably dancing a little along the way. We have a particular interest in the Australian based music scene and love finding emerging local artists, and we hope our listeners will enjoy listening to some familiar favourites, and maybe even find some great new acts from right here in Melbourne. Each week we will feature a different local artist who we love, playing a collection of their work throughout the show. Alongside each week’s feature artist we will also play other music we are loving, look back on some funny stories or great live gigs, and hopefully interview some interesting guests as well.

Troubles and Nibbles (6pm): Being an international student is already hard! The new country, new people, new life and all these adjustments. You are not alone. We got your back with “Troubles and Nibbles”. Exactly as the name suggests, tune in to find out how the hosts have dealt with some of the common struggles of student life. Yet don’t forget that you are a student only once. Make the most of this (Yup, we talking about the amazing student discounts and hot, happening places to go in town..haha!)


crushcrushcrush (12pm): It’s 2011, Rodrick Rules is out in cinemas and you’re going to watch it for the third time, cursing your 11 year old self for not giving Rodrick the attention and love he deserved in the first movie. You go home, browse Hot Topic for an hour (but don’t actually buy anything because, well, you’re 11, and that store’s expensive). And then you grab your iPad Mini, head to youtube and listen to a playlist called ‘edgy emo girl’ as you slowly morph into the newest version of yourself: the version that is now (finally) crushing on Rodrick Heffley. This show is a tribute to the many versions of myself over the years: the pop-rock Joe Jonas fan, the melancholy, brooding Edward Cullen fan and even the ‘I-want-more-than-anything-to-be-Julia-Stiles-in-10-Things’ Heath Ledger fan. Let me travel through time with you as I visit my many crushes over the years and listen to the music that reminds me of these pivotal times in my life, and maybe your life too. 

PB & Jams (1pm): A tasty mix of indie pop for your lunch break, every Friday 1-2pm on Radio Fodder.

The Yarn (2pm): A weekly news and current affairs podcast showcasing the best journalism that University of Melbourne students have to offer. Join host Fia Walsh as she sits down for a yarn with reporters to learn more about their stories – covering topics from Covid to China, sex-work to superheroes, every Friday 2pm on Radio Fodder.

Drama Stew (3pm): Join two diasporic asians on a journey through the wonderful world of kdramas and the chaos that surrounds them. We’ll delve deep into the stereotypes, controversies and genres in the way only unemployed arts students can do best. 

Radio Sci-Lens (4pm): Tune in to Radio Sci-Lens for your weekly science fix! Eilish, Kate, and Kaih open up the wacky world of science for everyone to enjoy. We discuss the latest and most exciting scientific news stories and explore broader topics to bring strange and surprising science into focus. If you want to quench your curiosity then Radio Sci-Lens is the show for you!

Babe, I Made You A Mixtape (5pm): In ‘Babe, I Made You A Mixtape’ Reba and Vivienne play the songs that encapsulate specific ideas, emotions and/or events. Sharing personal stories, musical anecdotes and really really great songs (we promise), the show is the 80s highschool boyfriend you never had. Pleasepleaseplease, will you listen to my mix?

Weekly Song (6pm): A Weekly Song radio show is a program that introduces songs and talks about a real experience of mine or guests whom I am gonna invite related to the lyrics of the song. Please note this show is in both Korean and English.

R U Really OK? (7pm): We care about your mental health and we believe that music can heal! Our show will accompany you through this semester by sharing our stories and playing relaxing music that will reduce your anxiety about school, life, love or friendship. We understand that maturing seems to be a challenge as we have a lot to think about, so we are here encouraging you to be confident to face any university’s problems. Tune in to Radio Fodder every Friday at 7pm!!