Claire Longhouse Once again this time of year is inundated with an insane amount of great Aussie music. There were too many albums I wanted to review as my first blog back. So instead of choosing one, I’ve decided to review a few in convenient bite-sized pieces. Ball Park Music- Good Mood Brisbane band Ball […]

Lucette Moulang Diving headfirst back into the indie rock charts, Liverpool band The Wombats have delivered a polished and likeable album, reminiscent of their earlier sound and interjected with a handful of high calibre tracks. Following synth-heavy 2015 album Glitterbug, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life harks back to The Wombats’ roots in hook-lyricism and […]

Trent Vu At 21 years of age, I wouldn’t consider myself old. But recently, as I’ve commenced the fourth year of my Arts degree, I’ve definitely begun to feel time catch up with me. Being an Asian, I have a warped sense of age, because we comparatively look younger. As they say: “Asian don’t raisin”. […]