Tunes to get you through the Winter

June 15, 2017

Claire Longhouse

We’re lucky here in Melbourne. We get seasons. Who wants to soak up beautiful sunshine all day every day? Not I. Who wants the opportunity to wear pretty dresses and run around outside without the fear of a rainstorm? Not I. Queenslanders might have the luxury of wearing their Birkenstocks all year round, but down south we get to fully embrace moccies, oversized jumpers, trackies and an endless supply of blankets. We have variety. The changing of the season also calls for a new soundtrack. Here’s a playlist I’ve curated to get you through those killer 3 degree mornings whilst you’re walking to work, or those days stuck on the couch whilst a raucous storm rages outside. Whatever your thoughts on the colder months may be, music always helps. Some of these tracks are more on-the-nose than others; Fleet Foxe’s ‘White Winter Hymnal’ is probably the most classic indie ‘winter track’ there is. But no matter the title, these tracks all (imo) engender a sense of warmth that envelops you on the coldest of days.

So now that most of your exams are done, rug up with a hot choc and a sudoku and embrace cuddle weather whilst the folk up north just sweat and moan.

Love, C

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