Gig Review: Good Boy & Jarrow Split 7″ Launch

April 27, 2017

Claire Longhouse 

Collingwood landmark The Gasometer Hotel is a cherished place for any fan of live music. They have the best selection of gigs from all sides of the genre spectrum, and you can go to majority of them with a twenty in one hand and a reasonably priced beer in the other.


Friday night at the Gaso provided Melburnians with two headlining gems: Queensland trio Good Boy and Melbournian local act Jarrow. The expected crowd (denim-toting, glasses wearing indie boys and gals) rolled in, bought their schooners and waited patiently for the three blokes to stroll on stage. The uber-relaxed vibe of the Gaso makes for a far more intimate music experience.

Good Boy opened with a palpable energy. In the relatively short time that they have been together (just over a year) the boys have created a collaborative energy that many new bands lack; and as such their sound was extremely tight. Good Boy exuded an unspoken gratitude and pleasure to merely be on stage doing their thing. Track ‘Higher’, from their debut EP ‘No Love for Back Home’, was a highlight for me. The entire floor of the band room was filled with youngins legitimately dancing, not just bopping, along.


The energy slowed down a tad during ballad ‘Millie’, a track commemorating the life of a beloved dog that is now in doggy heaven. It provided a nice break and highlighted a more vulnerable side to the Queenslanders. Spirits then built right back up for the final song, their leading hit ‘Poverty Line’, as majority of the crowd sang along without skipping a beat.

After a short break, the crowd quickly pushed to the front. As expected, it seemed the local offering had much more of a following. Jarrow’s set was less of an energetic party than their predecessors; instead providing a more layered soundscape than the simple (yet effective) guitar, bass, drums. The mastermind behind Jarrow, 21 year old Dan Oke, seemed extremely comfortable on stage with his various bandmates. Oke performed many of the tracks from last year’s debut LP ‘2003 Dream’, including the instantly lovable hit ‘$$Spoilers$$’.  


A shining moment of the night for all was when Dan’s dad came on stage with a saxophone strapped around his neck and played along to their closing performance of ‘Cube’. It was a sweet moment and the crowd blew up with raucous applause for the talented father/son ensemble. Mr Oke really knows how to blow a sax.

Ultimately, it was a night filled with relatively new local acts that engendered a great sense of excitement for the future of Australian music.  

Listen to Good Boy on their Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/goodbuoy

Listen to Jarrow on Bandcamp: https://jarrow.bandcamp.com/


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