Five Fab Females you Should be Listening to

March 8, 2017

International Women’s Day is a day of celebrating all the amazing women that have, and continue to, shape the world. As such, I thought it’d be fitting to give you a list of rockin’ women whose music fills stages and inspires the next generation of rad rockstar gals.


Asian-American Mitski killed it last year with the release of her incredible fourth LP Puberty 2. It featured on numerous ‘album of the year’ lists, and received mass critical acclaim. Her raw energy mixes well with the relatability of her lyrics as she bellows about everything from her childhood to not having enough money to pay rent (a feeling most of us students know way too well). Blast Mitski on a day you’re feeling a little directionless- she makes you feel far less alone in your puddle of angst.


ANOHNI also had a very busy 2016, with the release of her debut solo album Hopelessness receiving high praise whilst also becoming one of the only openly transgender artists to receive an Academy award nomination for her original song Manta Ray. ANOHNI’s electronic epics tackle immense subjects such as drone strikes and global warming with powerful vocals and passionate lyrics. She is a powerhouse in the industry, a leader in transgender visibility, and is paving the way for a new movement of protest music.


Now for something closer to home, Lazertits are a Melbournian all-girl punk band whose feminist-centric hits are as fun as they are empowering. Their single Boss Bitch, as well as its accompanied video, is the perfect soundtrack for a day like today. “She’s not bossy, she’s your fucking boss”: what a line. Here’s hoping Lazertits have a great 2017 and continue to rip up stages throughout the country.

Margaret Glaspy

Margaret Glaspy has been making the rounds in the industry since 2010. Her debut album of last year Emotions and Math was self-produced and put her on the map in terms of artists to watch out for in the coming years. Glaspy has a great way of tackling themes we know all too well (love, growing up, finding your place in the world) with freshness and intrigue. Her catchy guitar licks and emotive snarls are infectious. Glaspy is playing tonight at the Northcote Social Club as she waves the flag for women musicians on Int. Women’s Day.  

P.S. Also check out her KILLER Like a Version performance from last week

Japanese Breakfast

Michelle Zauner, former singer and guitarist of Little Big League, goes solo and a little more poppy in her Japanese Breakfast project. Her killer debut Psychopomp seems to be a personal insight into Zauner’s life via a collection of breezy, yet catchy, tracks. It’s an LP perfect for a blue-sky day such as today. And what better way to celebrate today than with a track that sings “You should try to do as little harm as you can to the woman that loves you”?

I am the first to admit that my music collection is saturated with white men in bands and solo projects. Let’s all try to make an effort to support the women who are entering a field dominated by their male counterpart. This is especially pertinent to under-privileged women including POC, LGBTIQA+, and the mentally or physically disabled. They deserve just as much, if not more, space in the music industry.

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

Love, C

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