A Week in Melbourne Music – 9th to 15th of March

March 8, 2017

A Week in Melbourne Music

9th to 15th of March

Take a well-earned study break, and venture into one of the best live music cities in the world.

Once again, another week in Melbourne offers an excellent excuse to escape the exhaustible boredom that is university, pull some mates together, and adventure into some increasingly colder evenings of live music. Although everyone will have an excuse to remain in the comfort of their own homes, the perfect detox to a stressful day of study is experiencing some fantastic local and international acts, without breaking the bank.
That’s what I’m here for, bringing you a good chance to experience and support some upcoming (as well as established) live bands, without breaking the bank.

THIS Week…

Friday, 10th of March– Jimmy Harwood  

Laidback and bluesy, reminiscent of early Sticky Fingers and Dylan Joel, 17-year-old Jimmy Harwood is bringing his acoustic aesthetic to the Palace Hotel in Camberwell this Friday.


 ???? cred. triplejunearthed.com 

Friday, 10th of March – Sammi Constantine

Soulful smoky-voiced singer/songwriter Sammi Constantine is bringing her electronic pop sound to The Penny Black this Friday. Think Vera Blue mixed with Halsey, a boogie to Sammi is the perfect way to end your university week.


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Saturday, 11th of March –

Tribute to Buena Vista Social Club


It’s unusual for Fodder Blog to suggest tribute and cover bands, but with Mike Guerrieri and Randy Castilla laying down a homage to famous Cuban musicians Buena Vista Social Club, this is one that simply can’t be missed. Bittersweet and wistful melodies coupled the crooning vocals of traditional Cuban sextets are coming this Saturday to Belleville.

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Sunday, 11th of october – Angus Dawson

With downtempo and dreamy vibes, Western Australian producer Angus Dawson is hitting the right flavour between bittersweet layered vocals and classic indie electronica. Angus is bringing his skewed beats and hypnotic synths to The Toff this Sunday at 8pm.     Angus

  ???? cred. pilerats.com

Tuesday, 14th of March – Football Club

Football Club is one of those bands whose appeal lies in their ability to get an entire crowd to drunkenly belt out their choruses, but at the same time weave some incredibly vivid stories about sexuality, mates and evenings getting wasted. Catch their eclectic mix of garage punk and folk pop next Tuesday at Workers Club.


???? cred. samesame.com.au


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