The First Fodder Blog: A Cordial Introduction

February 24, 2017

Hello music appreciators, players and critics alike; welcome to Fodder Blog! Think of this blog as the weird and nerdy cousin of the more famous Fodder Radio station. 

Fodder Blog is your new go-to for album reviews, gig guides, and pseudo-insightful commentary on everything and everyone from Frank Ocean to Thee Oh Sees. Close that bookmarked Pitchfork tab, forget about checking in with Tone Deaf, and stop piling up those Beat magazines you grab from your local cafe. Fodder Blog is all you need to boost your street cred with hipster tidbits like “Hey, did you hear the new Death Grips album?” or “The Drones played a gig at the Tote last night and they blew my mind!”

As Fodder bloggers, and thus your official navigators of the Melbourne music scene, it’s only cordial to introduce ourselves and our taste so that you may judge us accordingly.


I’m a twenty-something arts kid that started a similar music review blog on my Tumblr account at the age of fourteen. Surprisingly, it didn’t take off. I’m a Brunswick-living barista who spends my limited excess money on gigs and beer. So, basically, I’m a walking cliche. I am fully aware.
My love of music began the same way that many musical journeys do: as an angsty 12 year-old obsessed with emo. Think Taking Back SundayDashboard ConfessionalThe Used, Yellowcard etc. They just got me, yknow? My sister then steered me towards the light in the form of The Libertines’ song Can’t Stand Me Now. I didn’t know what I was listening to, but I knew that I liked it. This sparked my devotion to the wonderful world of indie, whatever ‘indie’ means*. Through the magic of the internet, my taste expanded to include everything from folk, to experimental hip-hop, to feminist punk. The bands my Dad used to play for me that I once hated, I started to appreciate. How did I dismiss the intricacies of The Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues at ten years old? I’ll never forgive myself. 
I am extremely excited about the potential of Fodder Blog. I’ll be writing up an album review for you every Monday, as well as many of the general music pieces on Fridays. Perhaps with a classic album review thrown in there for good measure? This is the kind of stuff I do for fun (I reiterate, Tumblr blog at 14). So to be able to share my silly thoughts on the importance of music, especially in this wonderful city, will be a party and a half.

Rapid-Fire Qs

Fav moment in music: Toss up between Sufjan Stevens at the Sydney Opera House and seeing Sigur Ros live for the first (maybe only) time. Everyone in the Sigur Ros audience just started embracing each other when it was all over. Bloody beautiful.
First gig you ever went to: Does Australian Idol live count? If not, then it was the Coca-Cola Live’n Local Tour back in 2004: The Veronicas, Evermore, End of Fashion. Dream line-up amirite?
First album you ever bought/received: N’SYNC- No Strings Attached. No shame.
Most anticipated album of 2017: Father John Misty- Pure Comedy
Fav album of 2016: Car Seat Headrest- Teens of Denial


*Fridays will be dedicated to general music pieces that’ll tackle subjects such as the supposed arbitrariness of genre. Stay tuned.


Convinced at the age of fourteen that I was going to be a famous DJ by the time I was twenty, I spent hours upon hours mixing away pop hits in my bedroom on an eighty dollar mixer bought from eBay. Well, here I am six years later writing the Fodder Blog and shamelessly promoting my own digital radio show, so I guess that’s the next best thing? Tune in to Fodder 2pm Wednesdays to hear my smooth, creamy show aptly named MAC & Cheese –  bringing you the best of Music, Arts, and Culture happening right now in Melbourne. I’ll be reviewing different types of cheeses too because I love it and I needed to make the name work. The show will go hand in hand with the Fodder Blog, as’ll be writing a weekly gig guide about all things Melbourne. 

Read the blog, take a well-earned study break, and venture into one of the best live music cities in the world. Melbourne offers an excellent excuse to escape the exhaustible boredom that is assignments by pulling some mates together and heading out into evenings of live music. Although everyone will have an excuse to not leave the comfort of their own homes, the perfect detox to a stressful day of study is experiencing some of the best local and international acts, without breaking the bank. That’s what we’re here for at Fodder Blog; bringing you a good chance to experience and support some upcoming (as well as established) live acts. I’ll even be providing links to tickets, music streams, and transportation suggestions so you can focus on what really matters – the music.  

Rapid-Fire Qs

Fav moment in music: Several close friends and I crying our way through/butchering Leon Bridge’s River at Falls Festival 2015/16.
First gig you ever went to: Black Eyed Peas at Rod Laver way back in 2009. This wasn’t even the classic days of BEP with Elephunk and Behind The Front. I’m talkin’ THE E.N.D, and lemme tell you that it was undoubtedly the end of my fanhood for the group.
First album you ever bought/received: Spent mum’s money on Hits For Kids Pop Party 2005! Including all the classic tracks from Crazy Frog to Hollaback Girl; and yes, the exclamation mark was part of the title.
Most anticipated album of 2017: King Krule – Untitled
Fav album of 2016: Glass Animals – How To Be A Human Being


Watch this space, kids!

Love, B&C

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