Volunteering at the Fodder

May 5, 2015
Volunteers training for The Fodder

The Fodder is looking for some brand new volunteers to fill off-air positions for the remainder of the year. Please email stationmanager@thefodder.org indicating:

  • your current course of study and when you expect to finish it,
  • which positions you would like to apply for,
  • a brief statement of why you think you’d be suitable for the rôle, and
  • any relevant experience.

Don’t worry if you have no experience, training will be provided. Applications close 5pm, Thursday May 21.

Below is a breakdown of roles and responsibilities open to applications:

Live Events Manager

  • Responsible for sourcing opportunities for live broadcasts
  • Assembly and disassembly of broadcasting equipment
  • Liaising with broadcasters, UMSU and the University to provide coverage of events

Music Director

  • Handles music programming for the periods when the studio is not in use (currently 7pm-9am weekdays and all day weekends)
  • Liaises with music industry representatives
  • Assists Talks Director in the provision of musical guests and interviews
  • Prepares quarterly music logs to be lodged with APRA and the PPCA

Production Manager

  • Responsible for the production of audio sound bytes, including sweepers, station IDs and promotional material
  • Assists with training broadcasters to create and edit their own content

Podcasting Director

  • Edits podcasts from the stream
  • Manages the podcasting schedule
  • Publishes podcasts to The Fodder website
  • Creates a quarterly report of podcast download statistics

Talks Director

  • Organises all guests, interviews and live on-air performances on The Fodder
  • Builds and maintains a positive rapport with promoters, talent managers and relevant parties
  • Works with the Music Director to secure and provide music interview opportunities to broadcasters

Web Director

  • In charge of maintaining The Fodder’s website
  • Manages individual show pages, our online grid, and announcement posts

Positions may be modified to suit applicants at the discretion of the station manager.