Federal Budget Special

May 12, 2015
Photograph of Parliament House, Canberra

On Tuesday, 12th May 2015, the Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey handed down his second federal budget, for financial year 2015/16. Taking a look at this, The Fodder played host to panel of students from the University of Melbourne to analyse the budget and its impact on students and the community more broadly.

The panel was comprised of:

  • Gajan Thiyagrajah — host
  • Caleb Triscari
  • Thea Stephenson
  • Jakob von der Lippe (also host of The Fodder’s Time Ghost)
  • Conor Serong — Education (Public Affairs) Officer at the University of Melbourne Student Union

We were also joined by our very own Martin Ditmann (Media Officer and Farrago Editor 2015) from Canberra.

Download the podcast here. (And yes, to add to the “drink whenever there’s a technical issue” drinking game—see if you can find the missing eight minutes!)

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