What is Radio Fodder?

Radio Fodder is the University of Melbourne's on-campus radio station, broadcasting airwaves from Union House. We house student creatives to realise their potential in

Radio Fodder's Pop Culture Trivia Night

Do you immediately google the film you just finished so you can over-explain the lore to those around you? Do you skim the gossip magazines at the checkout of your local supermarket even though you maintain they’re nonsense? Heck, do you have IMDB installed on your phone? Then this is the event for you.
If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, it's time to put your otherwise useless pop culture knowledge to the test at our trivia night! Join us for drinks, a highly-competitive environment and the company of others who will actually appreciate your celebrity fun facts.
🍿 WHEN: Fri 9 Sept, 5-8pm.
🍿 WHERE: Ida Bar, Union House.

If crime-dramas are your go-to genre like they are mine, then you might be familiar with a trend in recent years which I like to call: the HBO-crime and Hollywood-actress pipeline. And I don’t mean ‘pipeline’ like a TikTok influencer to pop-star sewer pipeline, I mean a formula that’s placed women at the forefront of what once was a male dominated genre.

The Kitchen Table

Come over for dinner! We’ll discuss what we’re having – Hugo usually cooks… Between lulls in conversation, you’ll hear this week’s playlist; what we’ve been listening to and why. You can imagine how dinner goes between two arts students, a bit of this and a bit of that. Movies, poems and art will be yanked out of obscurity and dissected between bites of tofu (non-audible bites of course). So grab a plate and join us on Thursdays at 6pm on Radio Fodder.

The Archive

Hosted by Dominique Jones, The Archive is your portal to uncovering global history without the academic jargon. Debunking both well-known and niche historical events, The Archive challenges the idea that history remains in the past. Tune in every Monday at 5pm!

When Love Is

After a long day, coming back home to an empty apartment or just being in your room by yourself can get a little…lonely. Sometimes, a little “girl talk” is much appreciated and what better thing to talk about than love? Grab a box of tissues and think back to those days spent curled up in a blanket sobbing to a rom-com after encountering your first heartbreak, or a failed friendship, or both. Think of the good moments, too. It’s time to reflect. Everyone has something to say about love, so why not talk about it? Let’s face it! We’ve all been there! Because love is a language we all know and understand, so, let’s talk about it. And put aside the butterflies and rainbows in your stomach that keeps you up at night—love is much much more. It’s universal. So what is it? What is love—in all its many forms? Tune in to our conversation, Fridays at 5pm!