Thanks For The Angst

With Marlon Toner-Mclachlan

Wednesdays at 7pm, Semester 1 2022

What was your favourite song when you were 15? The song that had you instantly launching the iTunes Store located in the corner of your mum’s desktop or, if you didn’t have the financial means to support the music industry as a teenager, the song that made you type in the words “YouTube to MP3 Converter”? 

For many of us, getting really into a specific band or artist served as a shortcut to developing our own identities at a time when we so desperately craved them. The music we choose to devote our ears’ attention to is such a large part of how we express ourselves, especially during those formative mid-teen years.

So if you feel like diving into someone’s personal soundtrack to their very own coming-of-age story, you had better tune into Thanks for the Angst at 7pm Wednesday on Radio Fodder. Join Marlon and whoever he can convince to come onto the show as they discuss, and jam out to, the music that defined the most pivotal, and most angsty, years of their lives. 

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Marlon Toner-Mclachlan

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