With Emma Xerri

Thursdays at 12pm, Semester 1 2022

It’s 2011, Rodrick Rules is out in cinemas and you’re going to watch it for the third time, cursing your 11-year-old self for not giving Rodrick the attention and love he deserved in the first movie. You go home, browse Hot Topic for an hour (but don’t actually buy anything because, well, you’re 11, and that store’s expensive). And then you grab your iPad Mini, head to YouTube and listen to a playlist called ‘edgy emo girl’ as you slowly morph into the newest version of yourself: the version that is now (finally) crushing on Rodrick Heffley.

crushcrushcrush is a tribute to the many versions of show host, Emma, over the years: the pop-rock Joe Jonas fan, the melancholy, brooding Edward Cullen fan and even the ‘I-want-more-than-anything-to-be-Julia-Stiles-in-10-Things’ Heath Ledger fan.

Let her travel through time with you as she visits her many crushes over the years and listens to the music that reminds her of these pivotal times in her life, and maybe your life too, every Thursday at 12pm. 

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Emma Xerri

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