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Mixing Colours Expanded: Polyphonic Bliss in Monotonous Times

The expanded edition of Roger and Brian Eno’s Mixing Colours is a timely injection of effervescence into the dullness of a Melbourne winter; 25 richly-layered yet elusively nebulous tracks, depicting all the colours, minerals and textures we might forget by the time we’re out of this supposedly interminable present.

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Anachronisms, Madonna Comparisons and Gaga’s Chromatica

In the ’00s and ’10s Lady Gaga became legendary. She took dance music and put it in a blender, shat on it, vomited on it, ate it, gave birth to it, and that is why she’s beloved. Is ‘Chromatica’ good music? Undoubtedly. But did it have this effect? Unfortunately not…because it’s already been done before…about a decade ago. By her.