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ENOLA HOLMES: Energetic and Headstrong Enola Steps Out from Sherlock’s Shadow

Christina Savopoulos

It’s now time for a new member of the Holmes family to take centre stage. Netflix’s Enola Holmes might not be on par with some of the great mysteries such as Murder on the Orient Express, but it does provide an insightful glance into women’s roles during the Victorian period through an observant and outspoken protagonist.

October 9, 2020
Experience of a (Cinematic) Lifetime

James Gordon

It’s fun to regard films as a detached version of “experiencing a lifetime”, to view them as little lives we can watch over with a comfortable God-like mentality. We can even watch them and associate them with ‘eras’ of our own lives. And while we fill our lives with these fictional ‘lifetimes’, it’s simultaneously tempting to believe our own lifetime will be like the lifetimes we’re watching.

July 29, 2020
The Actor Paradox

James Gordon

Isn’t it interesting that actors aren’t actors in the world of the films they act in? The characters of these films must watch something in their spare time, and it can’t be the same stuff we watch (with them in it!). If only we could enter the universe of any film and watch the subsequent films that only exist in that film’s universe, and then we could go inside the cinematic universes of those films. A babushka doll of cinematic universes that never ends.

July 11, 2020