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‘Nora: A Doll’s House’—An interview with one of our Nora’s, Leah Bourne

Radio Fodder interviews Leah Bourne about her role in UHT’s upcoming production ‘Nora: A Doll’s House’. This will be the last production performed in Union Theatre at Union House after providing a sanctuary for theatre-loving UniMelb students for an unmatched legacy of 84 years.

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Infinite Affection | Άπειρη Στοργή Review: Transforming History For A New Generation

A week ago I was introduced to the world of Infinite Affection | Άπειρη Στοργή, a Greek dance performance, by way of an interview with lead artist Luke Macaronas. Hearing Luke speak about the work sparked my interest to experience the performance live, and from the first minute it exceeded my expectations. Despite the performance I attended being one of their final shows, the energy levels never wavered; every movement was without fault.

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Greek Dance Theatre ‘Infinite Affection’: Putting a Modern Spin on Years of Tradition

As generations pass, knowledge of folk styles and elements of Greek dance culture face the threat of erasure. Performing in a duo with Melbourne-based Greek dancer Christos Konstantinides, Luke Macaronas, theatre maker and recent UniMelb graduate, works to preserve the rich history of Greek dance in his performance Infinite Affection | Άπειρη Στοργή.

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Drama Stew: Dissecting the World of Korean Dramas

The idea behind Drama Stew has been a long time coming for Nishtha Banavalikar and Raymond Wu, hosts of the new Radio Fodder show. They first attempted to host the show in 2020, but of course, COVID complicated things, so they’re ready to try again and I’m excited to see where they’ll take it!

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Among Radio Fodder’s incredible 2021 line-up is the Gen Z-focused, Fitzpatrick award-nominated show OK Zoomer!. Created by long-time friends Joanna (Jo) Guelas and Jordan Bassilious, the vision for the show arose from their realisation that Gen Z lacked representation in the media.

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How Your Favourite TV Characters Would Act in Lockdown

I’m 100% sure that Homer Simpson wouldn’t even be aware of the pandemic happening. If he did (by some miracle) find out and understood what it meant, he would most likely try and eat a bat to reverse the virus, in a Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror turn of events. Us mere mortals just can’t argue with Homer’s logic.

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ENOLA HOLMES: Energetic and Headstrong Enola Steps Out from Sherlock’s Shadow

It’s now time for a new member of the Holmes family to take centre stage. Netflix’s Enola Holmes might not be on par with some of the great mysteries such as Murder on the Orient Express, but it does provide an insightful glance into women’s roles during the Victorian period through an observant and outspoken protagonist.