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The Multiverse and Motherhood: ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Review

I never expected to cry over a movie that included an alternate universe where people have sausages instead of fingers, Harry Shum Jr. is controlled by a raccoon (Ratatouille style), and the fate of the world rests on an “everything bagel”. But I did, and it happened to be one of the best movies I’ve seen in the past few years. 

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Bridgerton Season 2: My New Favourite Austen Fanfiction

The show tells us it’s a silly campy romance for us to enjoy as an act of escapism whilst simultaneously begging us to take it seriously. Bridgerton’s second season is a play on the period piece tropes adored by Austen fans and focuses on the second Bridgerton sibling, Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), as he searches for a wife.

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‘Pam & Tommy’, just without the Pam

Pam & Tommy, the Hulu TV show released last month, centres around the sex tape release of the infamous ’90s tabloid couple, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The trauma is wrapped in entertainment. It exists to be laughed at, to be cried at, to move. And then to be rated by critics on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes. TV show about your sexual exploitation: 4 stars.