In the midst of the usual stresses which come with living through a global pandemic, a break-up, a realisation of one’s queerness, and both of her parents had died only weeks apart; Angel Olsen turned to her latest musical endeavour as a way to escape from and process this grief. 'Big Time' not only reflects and explores these themes of same-sex love, heartbreak, isolation, grief, and self-actua

On Florence + The Machine's latest record, frontwoman Florence Welch doesn’t rest with plaintive platitudes reducing her to a romanticised “suffering artist” and grasps this struggle with art and death with her own hands. She wrestles back notions of womanhood for her own self-mythology. For her, songs are "children begging to be born." 'Dance Fever' is the result. 

In The Dream, alt-J firmly plant themselves in the American landscape, in all of its heat-stroke and bluesy glory. The record is like basking under Californian sun, perched between debauchery and the luxury of Chateau corridors, before plodding through the Wild West. There is a lucrative richness to the harmonies and guitars, a slowness that can only be paired with ice-cold Coca Cola and a slew of

Monique O’Rafferty There is nothing like seeing an artist perform live in their hometown, and pop-icon Troye Sivan was no exception. On Wednesday 25 September, Troye performed a sold-out show to 7,000 adoring fans at Margaret Court Arena. And boy did he blow us all away! Only one song into his set, Troye was already pulling out his signature dance moves: hip thrusts, body rolls and slut drops!

Alana Bolger “Shout out to all the big butts, the small ones, the medium ones” shouts Doja to the crowd. Doja is aware of her presence - she knows what she's doing and isn't afraid to sell it. She clearly doesn't let any ideas of what a rapper ‘should’ be - or what a ‘female rapper’ should be - dictate any aspect of her image or output.