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Weekly Top Ten—May 9 to 15 2022

Isabella Ross shares a 10 track peek into her favourite new releases from the last week (or so). Buckle in as we bounce around Australia discovering home grown talent before heading to Ireland and beyond for a few international tasters.

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A Radio Fodder Anti Valentine’s Day Playlist

Are the nausea-inducing ads depicting beautiful couples exchanging expensive gifts over outrageously-priced meals getting up your nose? How about those anxiety-inducing dating scam app advertisements? We hear you. Here at Radio Fodder, we say ‘boo sucks’ to Valentine’s day and commercialised romance. Take a stand with us and enjoy our list of anti-romance songs.

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Spectrum Playlist

As someone who struggles with depression, music has been a constant factor in helping me feel better when the blues come. This playlist is full of songs that I feel reflect the pondering, sinking and drowning sort of feelings that come on now and then.

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Top 5 NPR Tiny Desk Concerts

Elektra Flaskas-Troaditis

The NPR Tiny Desk – a Youtube music haven for all music lovers. The true top five performances embody authentic artistry and skilfully experiment with their own sound, pushing boundaries and peaking creatively.

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Five (Mostly) Relaxing Albums to Help You Coast Through Your Time at Home

Dominic Barr

If the walls of your own home are starting to feel a bit suffocating, or if you’re just feeling a bit bored, music can be the breath of fresh air you might need to traverse this uncertain time. These five albums span a range of genres and emotional qualities, but they’re all here to comfort you though the most menial and mundane of your days at home.

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New Releases: Nostalgic Bops For When We Used To Be Able to Leave the House

Mark Yin

They say that, in a time when all you want is to be able to go outside again, music helps. It helps you remember what life was like Before All This. Some of these artists are local heroes, others are global superstars. Some of their songs are filled with 80s synths, others draw influence from the eclectic sounds of the 2000s, but what their music has in common is an evocation of simpler times. Of times before COVID-19, at least.

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11 Greatest Television Theme Songs of All Time

Keely Tzoukos

It’s time for me to dust off my novelty Central Perk coffee mug, serenade my neighbour’s stinky feline, and dance wildly in the fountain behind the Royal Exhibition Building, because the cast of Friends is reuniting.

In honour of the forthcoming reunion special, I’ve compiled a list of the best television theme songs of all time. Because we all know Friends would be nothing without those four – NOT five – iconic claps…

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Blurring Genres—Gorillaz, and the Art of Indescribable Music

Lauren Berry

As with other art forms, music resonates with the body­—it plucks at your heart strings, or, if it’s not especially poetic, it at least stimulates exhilaration throughout your blood, or jams with the inner snare drum of your soul. Music makes us feel something indescribable—and perhaps it shouldn’t have to be described in words, but left as a beautiful craft and stimulus for our wordless inner contentment.

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11 Nostalgic Pop Rock Songs From Our Teen Days

Lindsay Wong

Pop rock – I loved the guitar riffs, low bass lines, intense drumming and raw vocals of this genre. At one point in your teenage life, you’ve probably had some of these songs on your iPod playlists. When I’m in a particularly nostalgic mood, I give these songs and artists a listen.