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‘Documenting Space’ at the George Paton Gallery: A Review

We have an art history on campus in Parkville. Of course we do; one facet of it lies in the George Paton Gallery, where the “Documenting Space” exhibition currently sits. Curated by Gabrielle Bergman and with work by Anna Steele, Jack Murray and Ellyn Faye, read Beatrix Brenneman’s review, who explores its nuances.

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Death and Rebirth in California: ‘The Dream’ by alt-J

In The Dream, alt-J firmly plant themselves in the American landscape, in all of its heat-stroke and bluesy glory. The record is like basking under Californian sun, perched between debauchery and the luxury of Chateau corridors, before plodding through the Wild West. There is a lucrative richness to the harmonies and guitars, a slowness that can only be paired with ice-cold Coca Cola and a slew of buzzing flies. 

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#JustGotHitched…ToSomeRando?: Love, Laughs and Leaps of Faith in ‘Marry Me’

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to brush off that cynicism clinging to your shoulders and embrace the pastel pink, cotton candy sappiness of a good old rom-com. That’s right, tis the season of Hollywood gifting you outlandish tales of hopeless romantics finding “The One”.

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Interview: Dekleyn’s latest single ‘Save My Name’ and the future of their sound

Formed in 2017, Aussie duo Dekleyn are no strangers to the music industry. Having amassed over 5 million streams on Spotify over the last 3 years, the two have made a name for themselves in the realm of memorable, irresistibly catchy and skilful songs. Inspired by the beat from their 2021 single ‘Over Again’, ‘Save My Name’ is a heartfelt song that delivers a sincere yet uplifting emotional narrative through the duo’s reliable roots in electronic pop.

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Interview: Will Hyde on the powerful, visual world of his sophomore EP ‘nothing ever changes’

Every so often, an artist comes around with an almost supernatural ability to capture the mutability of adolescence in their work. will hyde does exactly this, weaving a powerful, emotional story of youth throughout his sophomore EP ‘nothing ever changes’.

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Drama Stew: Dissecting the World of Korean Dramas

The idea behind Drama Stew has been a long time coming for Nishtha Banavalikar and Raymond Wu, hosts of the new Radio Fodder show. They first attempted to host the show in 2020, but of course, COVID complicated things, so they’re ready to try again and I’m excited to see where they’ll take it!

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Halloween Movie Marathon

Halloween in Australia divides the nation. You’re either completely indifferent about the holiday or from the start of October your house is decorated with an assortment of pumpkins and cobwebs—there’s no in-between. Whether you trick-or-treat every October 31st or don’t even realise it’s Halloween, there is one thing everyone loves: a movie marathon. Get out your notepad and start messaging the group chats because here’s a list of Fodder writers’ MUST haves at any Halloween movie marathon.

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Bedroom pop, lockdown creativity, and Chey Jordan

Such is the power of the bedroom music, having helped preserve a lively, albeit socially distanced, music scene over the past year and a half. With a multiplicity of streaming platforms for artists to upload to and focus on lo-fi DIY, the genre’s prominence has never been greater. It has democratised music, removing the industry’s gatekeepers and granting artists like Chey the chance to share their work with the world.

Collection of images from the song 'White Woman's Instagram'. Bo Burnham holds various props stylised to look like Instagram posts.Film Film Reviews

A review of Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’: How I confused social critique for misogyny in ‘White Woman’s Instagram’

He empathises with the need to portray a perfect life online and suggests that although these women are mocked for posting such idyllic and seemingly unimportant things, they are simultaneously discouraged from breaking the public’s assumption that their life is perfect and displaying vulnerability. 

Radio Fodder Shows


Among Radio Fodder’s incredible 2021 line-up is the Gen Z-focused, Fitzpatrick award-nominated show OK Zoomer!. Created by long-time friends Joanna (Jo) Guelas and Jordan Bassilious, the vision for the show arose from their realisation that Gen Z lacked representation in the media.

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Nick Batterham on Lovebirds

The album’s strength lies in its instrumental prowess and rich orchestration. Batterham and his talented collaborators combine piano, strings, guitar, percussions, woodwind and brass with sincere and haunting lyrics, resulting in a striking interplay of shadow and light.