It has been almost a year since I met with Chey Jordan to chat about the release of his first single ‘wait 4 u’. Much has changed since then—Melbourne, the Perth native’s new home, finally came out of lockdown. Chey started studying audio production and has moved southside from a studio apartment to a sharehouse from which he is zooming in from. He has grown a moustache. And he has fallen

'Shreklesque' was first performed as part of Perth’s 2020 Fringe World Festival, and has since taken its puss-in-boots-the-house-down choreography to Brisbane, Sydney, and now Melbourne. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know what to expect going into the show. I knew I liked Shrek. I knew I liked the few burlesque shows that I’d seen. But it wasn’t until the house lights dimmed and those f

In the midst of the usual stresses which come with living through a global pandemic, a break-up, a realisation of one’s queerness, and both of her parents had died only weeks apart; Angel Olsen turned to her latest musical endeavour as a way to escape from and process this grief. 'Big Time' not only reflects and explores these themes of same-sex love, heartbreak, isolation, grief, and self-actua