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Student and Local Music Hour

Student and Local Music Hour With Radio Fodder Saturdays at 12pm, Semester 1 2022 Tune in every Saturday at 12pm as we showcase some great new music from students at …

Club’s Chat

Club’s Chat With Jordan DiNatale Wednesdays at 12pm, Semester 1 2022 Ever wondered what clubs are available at UniMelb? Want to meet some likeminded people but you’re not sure where …

70’s Saturday

’70s Saturday With Radio Fodder Saturdays at 7pm, Semester 1 2022 Radio Fodder presents a weekly segment teeming with ’70s goodness—from David Bowie to the Bee Gees, join us every …

Public Playlist

Public Playlist With Alex Reardon Fridays at 7pm, Semester 1 2022 Are you always on the lookout for new music? Well you’re in luck, because here on Public Playlist, Alex …

Radio Sci-Lens

Radio Sci-Lens With Kaih Thomas Mitchell Wednesdays at 12pm, Semester 1 2022 Radio Sci-Lens brings interesting science to an audience that doesn’t necessarily have a scientific background. We take fascinating …

Identity Unknown

Identity Unknown With Kristjan Lee Fridays at 4pm, Semester 1 2022 Ever wondered where those trends originated? Want to learn more about your favourite artists and discover new ones? Identity …

Bollywood Buzz

Bollywood Buzz With The Bollywood Club Fridays at 3pm, Semester 1 2022 Tune in every Friday at 3pm for a fun, light-hearted show hosted by the Bollywood Club as they …

Duck, Duck, Queer

Duck, Duck, Queer With Jose Burunzuzian Thursdays at 5pm, Semester 1 2022 Glitter Glitter Sparkle Sparkle. Here at Duck, Duck, Queer, we open all doors to all the closets, no …


crushcrushcrush With Emma Xerri Thursdays at 12pm, Semester 1 2022 It’s 2011, Rodrick Rules is out in cinemas and you’re going to watch it for the third time, cursing your …

Thanks For The Angst

Thanks For The Angst With Marlon Toner-Mclachlan Wednesdays at 7pm, Semester 1 2022 What was your favourite song when you were 15? The song that had you instantly launching the …

bell hooks & Jars

bell hooks & Jars With Danushi Rajapakse & Sam Cook Wednesdays at 5pm, Semester 1 2022 Every Wednesday at 5pm, Danushi and Sam use their giant brains and pop-culture knowledge …

This Should Be A Netflix Documentary

This Should Be A Netflix Documentary With Stephanie McDonald Tuesdays at 6pm, Semester 1 2022 This Should be a Netflix Documentary is a podcast that aims to shine a light …

Writer’s Jam

Writer’s Jam With Creative Literature and Writing Society (CLAWS), the Melbourne University Comedy Revue Board (Mudcrabs) & Fake Newspaper Theatre Tuesdays at 5pm, Semester 1 2022 Exploring the awesome power …

Rock Room

Rock Room With Bridget Allen Mondays at 7pm, Semester 1 2022 Rock Room is every Monday at 7pm, so come relax after a long day and listen to the wide …

The Dish

The Dish With Dominique Jones Mondays at 5pm, Semester 1 2022 Hosted by Dominique Jones, The Dish is a relaxing yet informative space UniMelb students can listen into every Monday …

Coffee Breaks

Coffee Breaks With Lochlainn Heley Mondays at 12pm, Semester 1 2022 Need a pick-me up? Need an escape from that pesky Monday morning lecture? Then tune in to Coffee Breaks …

Music Music Features

Top 5 NPR Tiny Desk Concerts

Elektra Flaskas-Troaditis

The NPR Tiny Desk – a Youtube music haven for all music lovers. The true top five performances embody authentic artistry and skilfully experiment with their own sound, pushing boundaries and peaking creatively.

Music Music Features

Five (Mostly) Relaxing Albums to Help You Coast Through Your Time at Home

Dominic Barr

If the walls of your own home are starting to feel a bit suffocating, or if you’re just feeling a bit bored, music can be the breath of fresh air you might need to traverse this uncertain time. These five albums span a range of genres and emotional qualities, but they’re all here to comfort you though the most menial and mundane of your days at home.

TV TV Features

Need a laugh? 7 Sitcom Episodes That Will Cure Your Iso Blues

Keely Tzoukos

It’s easy to feel lonely in times like these. But have no fear!

Whether you’re missing family and friends, juggling anxiety over uni grades and an impending global recession (it’s weird how the mind of a student can easily equate these two things), or just having a bad day, I’ve got you covered.

Music Music Features

New Releases: Nostalgic Bops For When We Used To Be Able to Leave the House

Mark Yin

They say that, in a time when all you want is to be able to go outside again, music helps. It helps you remember what life was like Before All This. Some of these artists are local heroes, others are global superstars. Some of their songs are filled with 80s synths, others draw influence from the eclectic sounds of the 2000s, but what their music has in common is an evocation of simpler times. Of times before COVID-19, at least.

TV TV Reviews

Review—Netflix’s Anne with an E

Bridey Ellis

It’s hard to become obsessed with watching a series with so many options right at our fingertips. But driven by well-thought out plot lines, stunning cinematography and breathtaking costume design, Anne with an E, an adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel Anne of Green Gables, shines through as a series too good to be missed. It’s a three-season epic to be binge watched to your heart’s content.

Music Music Interviews

Interview—Calico Sunday: Fresh Band, Fresh Single, Refreshing Sound

Lauren Berry

Young Melbourne rock n’ roll band Calico Sunday’s new single ‘She’s My Gun’ is out now. The song represents the band’s essence; it has a classic sound, rich, golden female vocals, sizzling lead guitar breaks and hard, honest drum beats. The up and coming band’s music is familiar, yet twinged with new flavours…convention pushing its way into innovation.

Music Music Reviews

Niall Horan ‘Heartbreak Weather’ Album Review: PLEASE SIR, MAY I HAVE SOME DEVOTION?

Markella Votzourakis

Niall Horan uses his second studio album Heartbreak Weather to analyse the rise and fall of a relationship from different points of view. But he is rarely accusatory or even particularly self-pitying throughout, which is refreshing and consistent with his clean, easy-going marketing image. How coincidental!

Music Music Features TV TV Features

11 Greatest Television Theme Songs of All Time

Keely Tzoukos

It’s time for me to dust off my novelty Central Perk coffee mug, serenade my neighbour’s stinky feline, and dance wildly in the fountain behind the Royal Exhibition Building, because the cast of Friends is reuniting.

In honour of the forthcoming reunion special, I’ve compiled a list of the best television theme songs of all time. Because we all know Friends would be nothing without those four – NOT five – iconic claps…

TV TV Reviews

The Good Place—Blazingly Clever Yet Misfiring Series Comes to a Poignant End (Review)

Keely Tzoukos

Only after you’ve endured The Good Place’s dreary and shambolic final seasons, does it become clear that the earlier seasons were truly magnificent. Likewise, it’s only after the finale, as you find yourself surrounded by tear-stained tissues, that you connect emotionally with the series and its overarching message.

Music Music Reviews

Review—Scott & Charlene’s Wedding at The Tote Hotel

Will Minack

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding returned to the Tote last month, launching a batch of wry, restless tracks from their new EP When in Rome, Carpe Diem.

Craig Dermody and co. took to the stage nearly an hour late, just moments before midnight. Nobody in the Tote crowd seemed to mind. The Melbourne-based band were playing on their home ground – and kicking into the wind.

Music Music Opinions

Mariah Carey, Three Decades On

Mark Yin

She’s the only artist ever to top the Billboard Hot 100 in four decades, from ‘Vision of Love’ in 1990 to ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, the last chart-topper of 2019 and the first of the 2020s. 2020 will also mark the 30th anniversary of her eponymous debut album, still serving as an inspiration to a generation of artists.

Music Music Features

Blurring Genres—Gorillaz, and the Art of Indescribable Music

Lauren Berry

As with other art forms, music resonates with the body­—it plucks at your heart strings, or, if it’s not especially poetic, it at least stimulates exhilaration throughout your blood, or jams with the inner snare drum of your soul. Music makes us feel something indescribable—and perhaps it shouldn’t have to be described in words, but left as a beautiful craft and stimulus for our wordless inner contentment.

Music Music Reviews

Alex Cameron—‘Miami Memory’ Album Review

Will Minack

On Miami Memory—an intimate portrayal of a modern-day relationship—Alex Cameron sheds his skin. He empties out the wardrobe of elaborate costumes he spent years crafting across his first two albums. In place of these characters, Cameron steps into the spotlight as himself, showcasing a skilled ability to write songs with naked sincerity.

Music Music Reviews

Review—Troye Sivan, The Bloom Tour 2019 Melbourne

Monique O’Rafferty

There is nothing like seeing an artist perform live in their hometown, and pop-icon Troye Sivan was no exception. On Wednesday 25 September, Troye performed a sold-out show to 7,000 adoring fans at Margaret Court Arena. And boy did he blow us all away!

Only one song into his set, Troye was already pulling out his signature dance moves: hip thrusts, body rolls and slut drops! The arena felt like such a safe space to be unapologetically yourself and really let loose.

Music Music Reviews

Review—Doja Cat at Listen Out 2019

Alana Bolger

“Shout out to all the big butts, the small ones, the medium ones” shouts Doja to the crowd.

Doja is aware of her presence – she knows what she’s doing and isn’t afraid to sell it. She clearly doesn’t let any ideas of what a rapper ‘should’ be – or what a ‘female rapper’ should be – dictate any aspect of her image or output.

Music Music Interviews

Review—Vera Blue, The Way That You Love Me Tour 2019 Geelong

Monique O’Rafferty

Vera emerged in a haze of shimmering yellow to a teaser of ‘The Way That You Love Me’. She wore a sheer, yellow ensemble over a yellow bodysuit with chunky sneakers. I could never! With a cheeky grin towards the audience, she opened the show with ‘Private’, giving the crowd a first taste of her signature dance moves and vocal range.

Music Music Features

11 Nostalgic Pop Rock Songs From Our Teen Days

Lindsay Wong

Pop rock – I loved the guitar riffs, low bass lines, intense drumming and raw vocals of this genre. At one point in your teenage life, you’ve probably had some of these songs on your iPod playlists. When I’m in a particularly nostalgic mood, I give these songs and artists a listen.

Music Music Reviews

Review—LANY World Tour 2019 Melbourne

Monique O’Rafferty

When I first saw that LANY was bringing their World Tour to Margaret Court Arena on July 19, I wasn’t really sure whether I wanted to buy tickets.

Was I really prepared to be moshing amongst a sea of children, covered in the superfluid of teens—a mix of sweat, tears and cheap vodka smuggled into the area in yoghurt pouches?


Alex’s Top Ten of 2017

Alex Epstein 2017 was an awful year for pretty much everybody, but as always, it could have been much worse. It isn’t technically over yet, but I’m planning on sleeping for …