Janelle Del Vecchio

University of Melbourne Radio Fodder
Pizza, Pods and Parking-Lots: How Melbourne Music Adapted to COVID-19
Janelle Del Vecchio

Ava Nunan

Melbourne’s music industry has shown resilience and adaptability. With live events now subject to Coronavirus restrictions, local venues and promoters have creatively accommodated to capacity limits in the face of ongoing strife.

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A Radio Fodder Anti Valentine’s Day Playlist
Janelle Del Vecchio

Are the nausea-inducing ads depicting beautiful couples exchanging expensive gifts over outrageously-priced meals getting up your nose? How about those anxiety-inducing dating scam app advertisements? We hear you. Here at Radio Fodder, we say ‘boo sucks’ to Valentine’s day and commercialised romance. Take a stand with us and enjoy our list of anti-romance songs. All […]