4 of the Most Bizarre Music Conspiracy Theories

March 31, 2021

By Sidonie Bird de la Coeur

Graphics by Jasmine Pierce

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Paul is Dead

‘Paul is Dead’ is the theory that the Beatles bassist Paul McCartney actually died in a car crash in 1966 and was replaced with a lookalike called Billy Shears. When The Beatles felt guilty afterwards, they disguised the truth in backward messages in their songs, and abstract iconography to be decoded on their album covers. With allegations that the intro of Revolution 9 backwards sounds like ‘turn me on dead man’ and that John chants “I buried Paul” at the end of Strawberry Fields, how could you not be convinced?

The album cover of Abbey Road is another clue in this elaborate puzzle of deception – John walks at the front wearing white, Ringo behind him dressed in black, followed by Paul with no shoes on and then George all in denim.

It’s a funeral procession, conspirators would argue: John is the priest, Ringo is the mourner, George is the gravedigger … and Paul is the corpse. And to back this up – the numberplate of only one car is in view: 27-IF. Fans took this as a cryptic message to indicate that Paul McCartney would be 27 if he was alive for this photoshoot. Spooky. Literal shivers down my spine.


Elvis Faked His Death

When the King left this earth 1977, millions around the world were left in shock and disbelief. But what if it was a hoax all along? There have been several alleged sightings of the ‘late’ pop star all throughout the 40 years since his ‘passing’, including at the Memphis Airport days after his ‘death’, at his 82nd birthday celebration and even as an extra in Home Alone. All these sightings, alongside the fact that his middle name is spelled wrong on his own tombstone, could all allude to the fact that Mr Presley is very much still alive and among us.


Mozart was Murdered

Mozart died of a very suspicious death … was it tuberculosis? Strep? MURDER??!!! He was admitted to hospital and died after two weeks of sickness, with the hospital attributing his ailment to a “severe military fever”.  Certainly a vague description that stinks of foul play. Mozart certainly had many enemies, but most suspicious is fellow jealous composer, Antonio Salieri, who confessed to poisoning Mozart on his deathbed. Hmmmmmm ….


Stevie Nicks is an imposter

Was Stevie Nicks accidently killed in a car crash and replaced by an imposter? Probably not, but that’s the plot of Rumours, a radio play that you can listen to now on Radiofodder.  

The year is 1977 and a surprisingly convincing Stevie Nicks impersonator act accidentally kills the real Stevie Nicks in a car crash. After making the decision to swap the bodies, she lives as the front woman for Fleetwood Mac at the height of their fame … but at what cost?

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