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Nice Work, Gang
Monday 5pm–6pm Nice Work, Gang is a smorgasbord of different voices, hosted every week by 3 of your 8 fabulous hosts. Jess, Frazer, Sol, Michael, Oliver, Lucy and Freja bring you fresh new content every week, to help you escape for an hour, and get those creative juices flowing. We're theatre and acting students, but we've got all the things in the world to talk about.
Rings A Bell
Monday 6pm–7pm A show about music and musings. Join Alo every week for good tracks, accompanied by good anecdotes!
The Cauldron
Monday 7pm–8pm The Cauldron takes a new guest each week and, through music spanning genre and decade, boils down a vague theme and the power of friendship. Past brews include body parts, the jitters, and the colour orange.
Love in the Time of Corona
Tuesday 5pm-6pm Stories of love, sex and dating during isolation. From U-hauls to breakups, Hinge dates to getting it done long distance, no topic is boring or off limits. Join us each week as we discuss the bad, rad and sometimes sad situations that COVID19 has put us in.
Channel Org.En
Tuesday 6pm-8pm
Wednesday 2pm-3pm "Raang" in Hindi and Urdu primarily means Colour! and hence to bring a bit more colour or "Raang" in desi style presenting apki apni desi mehfil!
The Saucepan
Wednesday 6pm-7pm The Saucepan constructs a bang up meal from the leftovers of This Week’s Music Taste. People occasionally pop in. Aims to meld the flavours of local talent + golden oldies, for a well balanced and nutritious dish.
Wight Noise
Wednesday 8pm-9pm Static from beyond the grave. Tune in to Wight Noise for the chilliest in Goth, Noise and Industrial.
Diva Dive
Thursday 3pm–4pm Diva Dive answers the age-old question of “what makes a diva Stannable?” by diving into the most comprehensive portrayal of their lives and careers that exists - their Wikipedia pages. Join Mark and Hiruni each week as they delve into their chosen diva’s Wikipedia page, section by section, before they ask themselves the burning question: “Do we Stan?” From Lady Gaga to Lana Del Rey, to Queen Bey herself, they’ll be taking an intimate look into the career highs and lows of some of the biggest acts in music. You can be sure you’re getting the most comprehensive Diva Studies curriculum possible.
Going Viral
Thursday 4pm–5pm Steph and Fin talk about the media coverage surrounding various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Urbanity Radio
Friday 9am–10am
Handle Like Eggs
Friday 3pm–4pm
Radio Sci-Lens
Friday 4pm–5pm Tune in to Radio Sci-Lens for your weekly science fix! Eilish, Kate, and Kaih open up the wacky world of science for everyone to enjoy. We discuss the latest and most exciting scientific news stories and explore broader topics to bring strange and surprising science into focus. If you want to quench your curiosity then Radio Sci-Lens is the show for you!
Friday 5pm–6pm Welcome to OnionHaseyo! A radio show where you can keep up to date with the latest news and chat about K-Pop! SEOUL what are you waiting for? LAY down on the couch and tune I.N with us!

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