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Tune In, Chill Out

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Channel Org.En
Monday 4pm–6pm
The Market
Monday 6pm–7pm
The Cauldron
Monday 7pm–8pm
Tuesday 11am–12pm
Holy Bible 3: Need For Sheed
Tuesday 12pm–1pm
Into the Void
Tuesday 4pm–5pm
Uni Blues
Tuesday 8pm–9pm
Test Pattern
Wednesday 9am-10pm
Let's Chat
Wednesday 2pm-3pm
Wednesday 3pm–4pm
Bright Side
Wednesday 4pm–5pm
Dust Bunnies
Wednesday 5pm–6pm
The Saucepan
Wednesday 6pm–7pm
Alien Kids
Wednesday 7pm–8pm
Thursday 2pm–4pm
The Next Australia
Thursday 6pm–7pm
Wight Noise
Thursday 7pm–8pm
Placeholder Radio
Friday 5pm–6pm

About US

Welcome to Radio Fodder, the University of Melbourne’s student radio station, and a new entrant to the scene of student radio!
9877 6524
Level 4, Union House, Melbourne University